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God made our bodies to move

Being regularly active is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our health. 

Regular activity level can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, metabolic syndrome and stroke. Movement impacts our mood, mental health, and can help in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes and hypertension, strengthen our muscles and improve bone health.

The benefits of exercise are abundant and undeniable, yet most of us remain sedentary. 

CDC research indicates that only one in five U.S. adults gets enough physical activity for substantial health benefits.

Body of Christ. We Can Do Better.

Let's step up our physical stewardship and move for our health.

Join the Let's Move National Baptist initiative.

Sign up for this FREE program and receive:

This inclusive program encourages and supports daily meaningful movement.

Participation is FREE and appropriate for all fitness levels.

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Sign up for this FREE Program and receive:  


Learn about the benefits of exercise, pros/cons, and safety considerations for different types of exercise, as well as strategies to overcome common exercise barriers.


Get tips to help you identify movement that fits your health status, lifestyle requirements, personal preferences, and goals. 

Spiritual Grounding

Explore biblical principles to view and empower physical movement as a spiritual discipline.


Connect with like-minded individuals for encouragement, support and enjoyment along the journey.

Recognition & Swag

Churches with 25+ participants will be acknowledged on the Let's Move National Baptist Wall of Fitness.

Individuals that move for 100 days will be recognized for their commitment and consistency.

Get Started

Let's Move National Baptist isn't another

21 or 30-day challenge.


It is support for a lifelong commitment to

faith-empowered fitness.

Sign up and receive information, inspiration, and support to get and keep moving for your health.

Sign Up

Click here to view the required Liability Release Agreement  and complete the short enrollment form below.

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